Our Work

The fund has multifaceted work and focused on making a tangible difference. We:

1. Creating a comprehensive list of serious chronic and life-threatening diseases.

2. Preparing a list of necessary medications, medical devices, and technical rehabilitation tools for their treatment.

3. Regularly updating the list of necessary medications as new drugs with proven efficacy become available.

4. Submitting proposals to government bodies and organizing events aimed at promoting social partnerships in healthcare, charity, and social support for the benefit of children.

5. Identify and support children suffering from serious, life-threatening, and chronic diseases, including rare diseases.

6. Buying expensive medicines and real estate for incurable, rare and orphan diseases for children in Russia

7. Collaborate with leading experts and doctors to ensure the provision of the best medical care.

8. Work with medical and scientific organizations to stay abreast of the latest advancements in treatments and medications.